Uniquely Broome

Broome, WA
• Travellers Guide to Broome and the Dampier Peninsula
• This book helps you plan your perfect holiday
• Take the frustration out of brochures and googling

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when visiting a new place? All those brochures, searching on GOOGLE and getting confused as to What to Do, Where to Go, When to do it!

Uniquely Broome is your travel companion when visiting the Broome and Dampier Peninsula region of Western Australia – they call it the “Broome Bible”. 120 pages of information, businesses, dates of events, tides, vouchers, Kimberley stories and some of the quirky bits, accompanied by a large funky map to get you around town.

The region has an amazing history and these days they are calling it the ‘new Bali’. It’s not – as we have pristine beaches, no traffic jams, actually no traffic lights and great fresh food restaurants and cafés. Plus, trendy clothes shops and tours abound with remote camping, fishing, indigenous tours, town familiarisation, yoga, mango wine, Matso’s beer, Moontide Distillery, and the best weather you can imagine.

All of this is contained in Uniquely Broome. Available from all retail outlets, your hotel accommodation and you can also purchase online at the website. www.uniquelybroome.com.au. If you have any questions at all about your holiday you can also contact me (Liz) directly and I am happy to point you in the right direction, call 08 9193 5011 or you can send me an email through the website.

If you also want to join my newsletter that comes out each Monday (What’s ON in Broome) you can register through my website. It’s all about what is happening in the region.

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