The Hidden Pantry 6721

Port Hedland, WA
• Old School Retro Treats
• Artisan Gourmet Pantry Items
• Sweet Spot of the Pilbara
• WA, Australian Made
• It's always cake o'clock somewhere

The Hidden Pantry 6721 will take you back to your childhood. Think vanilla slices, caramel popcorn, rocky road, giant freckles and more. Not only do we make and sell Old School Treats & Retro Sweets just like grandma used
to make, we also stock a wide array of Artisan gourmet pantry items, from Jams to Jerky and everything in between. Our aim is to showcase & work alongside other WA and Australia artisans to promote our amazing products and bring back that community feel. A Hidden Pantry full of items made with love & shared by all.

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