Rose Hewartson

Brisbane, QLD
• Original Art {Cows and Abstracts}
• Art Prints
• Learn Abstract Art {Online Course - Unleash Your Own Creative Potential}

Rose is known for her bold, adventurous, layered works of art. She paints in an expressive and experimental way. Her art invites you to discover and appreciate more about yourself and the world you live while it adds the energy of adventure, experimentation and possibility to your home.

She is heavily inspired by connection {to self, land and animals}, growth and transformation and often includes an encouraging message with her art to evoke your own awareness and power.

Among her favourite subjects to paint, cows hold a special place in Rose's heart, and her portrayals of these gentle creatures captivate your heart and represent a deep appreciation for farm life.

In addition to her original art pieces, Rose offers a selection of high-quality prints, is open to commission requests and offers a course in Unleashing Your Own Creative Potential. Stay connected with her artistic journey by following her on Instagram and Facebook and bring a piece of Rose's world into your own.

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