Outback Beef

Port Hedland, WA
• MSA graded quality local beef
• Quality stockmanship
• Caring for cattle & country

We are a family-owned business from Yarrie Station in Western Australia.

Outback Beef cattle are born, bred and raised on our country, which is why you’ll always eat high quality, nutritious beef packed with Pilbara flavour. We’re here to make your life easier with our delicious value driven beef packs suitable for all households and designed to make meal planning a dream.

It is our mission to bring the best to your table, just like our family has enjoyed for generations on Yarrie Station. We believe everyone should have the chance to eat quality and fresh beef, affordably.

We are passionate about producing quality natural beef, improving animal welfare and promoting conservation. We believe that beef is a little like wine, that the flavour and texture changes depending on its provenance. Our beef is produced from the natural Pilbara rangelands, which is a mix of native grasses and shrubs, legumes and deep ancient red dirt, giving it a unique natural, mineral flavour.

We want to connect to the people that eat our beef and to share our story with them, so when they serve our beef, its far more than just a good steak.

We believe that People, Cattle and Country all need work together as one.

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