Miss Chardy

Tennant Creek, NT
• Recipes & Cookbooks
• Sourdough Baking
• Outback Cattle Station Cooking

Hi, I'm Miss Chardy. I live on a remote cattle station on the Barkly Tablelands in the NT. We have been managing Mittiebah Station for 17 years. I am also the station cook. Cooking for around 12-14 people each day. I have published 2 cookbooks - Miss Chardy's Guide to Station Cooking and Miss Chardy's Bakery. I am a wife, Mum to 3 boys, cook, blogger, pod-caster, sourdough enthusiast (and unofficial sourdough coach) unwilling bookkeeper - like all women on stations. Jack of all trades (master of not many). I love to share my life here at Bum Truck Nowhere on Instagram and Facebook.

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