Lara Scolari Gallery

Balmain, NSW
• Abstract expressionist style
• Transparent layered dioramas
• Fluid organic forms and shapes

As a contemporary Australian visual artist, I specialise in producing abstract expressionist paintings that incorporate experimental techniques and processes. My work reflects my deep reverence for the culture and essence of Australia, as well as my personal memories, meditations, and musical inspirations.

In my paintings, I use a fluid and organic approach that enables me to capture the unseen movement, life force, and emotion at the heart of the Australian landscape. By applying various media in transparent layers, I create dioramas that invite the viewer to look beyond the surface and explore the hidden depths of my art.

My brushstrokes are a subconscious gesture, guided by my surroundings and emotions as I translate them into a visual language. As a result, each of my paintings is a unique expression of my freedom, energy, and soul.

The regional Australian landscape plays a significant role in my art-making process. Working from my studio in rural Australia, I am surrounded by the natural beauty and diverse culture that characterises this dynamic part of the world. This environment inspires my creative process, infuses my art with a sense of place, and enables me to express the energy and emotion of the Australian landscape in a unique and powerful way.

Overall, my art reflects my deep appreciation for the culture and essence of Australia, as well as the emotions and memories. I hope my paintings will inspire viewers to explore their own emotions and experiences and draw energy and inspiration from the magic of the creative process.

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