Kimberley Gold Pure Drinking Water

• Delivering fresh water sourced directly from our backyard
• Locally owned & operated
• Fast & Free same-day delivery

Kimberley Gold has serviced the Broome region since 1998, providing responsibly sourced, pure drinking water with same day delivery. Our water comes in 15 litre bottles with the option to rent a water cooler to keep your water cold.
Known for being the first of its kind in the area, Kimberley Gold Pure Drinking Water is sourced from the Broome Sandstone Artesian Aquifer, just 12km from our treatment facility. The flow from the aquifer comes from the north-east to the south-west and moves under the influence of gravity down the hydraulic gradient, then shifts west towards the ocean, south-west towards the town site, and south towards Roebuck Bay.
From its source, the water is transported directly to our treatment facility where it undergoes a thorough treatment process, to ensure exceptional and pure water is delivered to our customers each and every time.
Consuming water and staying hydrated is essential for our health, especially with the warm temperatures we endure in Broome. Bottled in Broome and delivered to your door, our water is fresh and sustainable for the environment. What sets us apart is that our water is not transported long distances from various locations across Western Australia which uses large fuel consumption.
Kimberley Gold Pure Drinking Water is known for their quality customer service, excellent and timely delivery and providing the freshest and purest water in Broome. Simon and Lou look forward to assisting you with your water cooler and water bottle requirements!

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