JFS Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

Perth, WA
• Business insurance.
• Property owners' insurance for landlords and commercial buildings.
• Workers' compensation, public liability, and more.

Jody Williams specialises in business insurance broking. Jody has been insurance broking for more than two decades and was the co-founder of the highly successful Oracle Group Insurance Brokers in 2008.

Jody is a country girl at heart. Growing up in the northwest of WA, she learnt the trade of insurance broking and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to insurance for your business or property all across Australia.

Known for her friendly and fast service, Jody goes the extra mile for her clients and as a result, was nominated for the Australian People's Choice Award for Best Broker in the Advisor Awards 2022.

If you want to see what her clients say first-hand, check out the 130+ reviews of her service here: https://advisr.com.au/jody-williams#

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