Community Bank Coolalinga & Districts

Coolalinga, NT
• Mobile home lending (Australia wide)
• Purchase residential /rural property
• Refinance residential property

You may not think who you bank with matters. But it does. For our customers, their banking is making a real difference.

Every day our customers help change lives, and save lives, simply by banking with us. Their home loans are building skate and sports parks, hospital wings and classrooms. Personal loans, business banking and credit cards are funding ambulances, rescue boats, disabled and aged care facilities.

Everyday banking is providing all this and more. In fact, $320 million has been returned to communities and initiatives Australia-wide.

You need a bank to give you the products and services you need. We need your banking to help us make a difference.

Stacey is an experienced lender with over 10 years' experience in the banking industry which allows her to assist her customers achieve their financial goals and follow them through their journey to make their home ownership dreams come true. Stacey strives to see her customers' needs met in a friendly, timely and professional manner and the relationship doesn't stop after your settlement. Stacey can be your main point of contact for all things banking and as we are a full-service bank.

Please contact Stacey and see the benefit of having her assist you with the purchase of your next home, residential investment property or refinance.

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