Broken Bay Pearl Farm

Mooney Mooney, NSW
• NSW's only Pearl Farm - offering world class pearl jewellery and immersive tour experiences
• Discover the hidden gem of NSW and cruise to a pearl lease on the mighty Hawkesbury River
• Only 1 hour north of Sydney on the Central Coast

Did you know that some of the world’s most lustrous and rare Akoya pearls are grown in NSW’s only pearl farm just north of Sydney?

Discover the untold story of the Australian pearl when you visit Broken Bay Pearl Farm. Share in the adventure of Australia’s pearling pioneers, their evolution of the industry and how they have overcome ever-changing environmental factors along the way.

Join a private or group tour on land or water as they share their expertise of farming these incredibly rare gems of the ocean. All experiences start and finish at our Shellar Door in Mooney Mooney, situated on the edge of the stunning Lower Hawkesbury River. The Shellar Door is open to the public to browse their selection of locally grown pearls, shells, and jewellery, or enjoy some fresh local oysters at the outdoor seating alongside the river.

It’s the perfect day trip from Sydney, or stop on the way up the coast to the Hunter Valley or Newcastle.

Bookings for experiences are required and can be made online.

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