R.M.Williams OUTBACK Great Australians

• Features in-depth interviews with Australians doing commendable things away from the bright city lights
• Hosted by OUTBACK Senior Associate Editor Terri Cowley
• Released each Tuesday

The R.M.Williams OUTBACK Great Australians podcast features fascinating in-depth interviews with some great Australians who are doing amazing things away from the bright lights of our cities. They are not celebrities or publicity seekers – they are real people making an extraordinary difference in their everyday lives. People including drought mitigator Grace Brennan, beef industry leader Bryce Camm, island naturalist Ian Hutton, rural writer Fleur McDonald, youth mentor Bernie Shakeshaft, and climate change activist and farmer Anika Molesworth. The podcast is hosted by OUTBACK Senior Associate Editor Terri Cowley, an experienced journalist and broadcaster.

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