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Broome, WA
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Willie Creek Pearls is a Western Australian family business celebrating over 30 years of service excellence, sustainably producing the best pearls in the world: Australian South Sea Pearls. We operate in six industries: tourism, retail, hospitality, commercial pearling, jewellery and manufacture.

We educate, entertain and engage with thousands of visitors each year on our multi award-winning tours in Broome and Perth. These include our Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour, Pearl Luggers Tour, Helicopter flights, Live Pearl Harvests and much more. We offer the complete pearl experience, from shell to showroom, where we inspire guests to uncover the history, mystery and story of the Pearling industry. We are The Pearl of Western Australia

The Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour is a multi-award winning tour and must-do experience when visiting Broome. It allows you to see how passionate we are about modern-day commercial pearling and everything pearls.

Pearl Luggers is located right in the heart of Chinatown and features a fully rigged and restored pearl lugger surrounded by a replica inter-tidal jetty and tenders store. This 1.5-hour tour will take you through the modernising of the industry and give meaning to the saying ‘Broome was built on Buttons’!

We have three showrooms in Broome at Cable Beach, Chinatown and Willie Creek Pearl Farm.

The Willie Creek Pearls’ team are dedicated to delivering unique and memorable experiences which are also perfect for business events and incentive groups. We work with organisers to create inspired itineraries and bespoke events.

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