Todd Cleave Photography

Broome, WA
• Surreal Photography
• WA themes
• Photo composites

Hi, my name is Todd Cleave and I live in WA spending half my year in Broome and half my year in Bridgetown. Photography is my passion but let's say with a twist. Now I love taking photos, especially while doing my south to north trip and north to south trip and with the camera taking the front passenger seat ready for anything I might see to snap I take photos of subjects ranging from old sheds, trees, outback landscape etc and then in photoshop I start to tell my own story. Very much going for that surreal look, so I add subjects from some photos and create the image I have in my head, it could be a real place or a quirky image, funny, serious, depending on how I feel on the day. The only rule is that they must be all my images (no stock photos). Quite a few of my images have that WA outback feel and you might even recognize a few subjects or places. all images I can print on fine art cotton rag.

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