The Broome Factory

Broome, WA
• High quality Jarrah furniture
• Furniture tailor-made to your specifications
• All timber used is recycled and finished to a high standard
• Wide range of furniture designed and made
• Full repair and restoration of antique and household furniture

At The Broome Factory we make high quality and long lasting furniture from recycled timber sourced from the old buildings of Broome and the Kimberley.

Our unique furniture can be custom made to fit your house or property. We focus on a high finish to surfaces to bring out the best in the old timbers. Most of the timber we use is recycled jarrah. For example, the tops of our tables have been floorboards in the old Streeter and Male store (Broome) which had stood for around 100 years.

Our goal is to make our pieces strong and long lasting (and with care and maintenance) to become a family heirloom. Our Breezeway furniture is a collection of jarrah, mini-orb corrugated tin and fine upholstery in a single or double seater bucket style chair. We have a range of beautifully hand-crafted lamps with jarrah framing around strong polymer shades inlaid with a selection of either dragonfly or bird bush flower, local grasses and other. They range from large hanging lamps to standing bedside lamps.

We also offer a complete repair and restoration service for all antique and household furniture including upholstery. Contact us with your own designs and concepts for consideration, planning and manufacture.

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