R.M.Williams OUTBACK magazine

• A chronicle of life beyond the city
• Telling stories from the bush
• Continuing a legacy dating back to the 1940s

R.M.Williams OUTBACK magazine is about life beyond the city – anywhere that is remote, different, challenging and non-urban. It is in south-west Tasmania, the far reaches of the Pilbara, and along the Great Divide in New South Wales, just as much as it is in central Australia.

Throughout more than 140 editions, OUTBACK has stayed true to a central task – telling the stories of the bush and focusing on the positives that can be found and shared in that storytelling. This was what drove RM Williams when he set up his first publishing company back in the 1940s.

We are proud to continue this legacy, and to chronicle the bush – a place where hardship and sorrow are all too often present, but where joy and inspiration are always to be found somewhere.
This is what we look for when our contributors travel the country. This is what motivates us. We believe that in telling such stories we help to inspire others who might not know of the variety and strength of the people who live beyond the horizons.

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