MND Rural Tech

Toogoolawah, QLD
• Quickest recharge capability on the market
• Powers multiple devices simultaneously
• Highly portable

MND Rural Tech introduces a new level of excellence in PORTABLE battery generators.

Stay powered for hours WITHOUT the noise and fumes of a fuel generator, power up with solar! 2 Models available.

Quickest recharge capability on the market

Australian Certifications & Warranties

Weighs only 14kg or just 5kg

Compatible with a wide range of devices - Perfect for trips away - check out these examples:

Delta / River
Light (10W) 36+ Hours / Light (10W) 30+ Hours
Coffee Maker 50+ Cup / Coffee Maker 20+ Cups
Household Fridge 20+ Hours / Household Fridge 6+ Hours
Circular Saw 1+ Hours / Circular Saw 1+ Hours
Laptop 27+ Recharges / Laptop 15+ Recharges
CPAP Machine 20+ Hours / CPAP Machine 15+ Hours
Electric Vehicle 3-5 miles (5-8 km)

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