Making Men

Weetangera, ACT
“I transform your challenges into outcomes” I deliver this transformation by:
1. Establishing clarity around your challenges and objectives
2. Identifying your life pattern
3. Setting effective easily achievable targets
4. Call to action with new rewarding stimulus
5. Transforming to the desired outcomes.

I founded Making Men to support men who want to become better fathers, better husbands, better family members, better with finances, better with fitness, better friends and better leaders.

As a coach and mentor I provide 1:1 coaching to individuals and tribes, either online or in person to men of all ages and from all industries including but not limited to the rural industry, emergency services - first responders, Australian Defence Force and men who have played high level competitive sport.

We focus on attitude, facing and overcoming your challenges, achieving your success and getting the balance right in your life – with the foundations of change, to own it and lead.

Making Men includes a private face book group for self-motivated men who want to grow, learn, share and help others.

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