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• 1;1 Personal Coaching (can do all via video or phone)
• Group Coaching (facebook groups)
• Beyond Divorce, Couples or Health Coaching

HI, I'm Libby and I am a certified Health and Life coach. I grew up and worked in the outback for most of my life and have a real connection with the the bush and our natural environment. I have a great love of animals and still ride and train horses. I moved out of the farming industry due to divorce and now reside in the amazing southwest of WA, where my journey of health, healing and fitness took me down a new path of coaching.

My programs of personal coaching are something I take much pride in. My objective is to help you thrive and get the most out of your life. From losing weight, to habit change, to moving past your fears, I am here to help you break free from body issues, self-loathing and unhealthy habits, so you can regain maximum energy, while maintaining a fun life without 'dieting' .

I also specialise in couples coaching and separation. Being divorced myself and a single mother of 3 kids, this is an area I know well. I can coach couples or help you through your separation to thrive in life. And if you live remotely, I understand 'that life' and the challenges and beauty it throws at you.

If you feel you would like some direction or help an any area of your health, wellbeing and relationships, I am here to serve you.

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