Kimmie Designs

Broome, WA
• Pearl and Silver Jewellery
• Kimberley Range
• Marine and Land Creatures

Hello and welcome to Kimmie Designs. My name is Kim, but as you know, in Australia if your name is long, it is shortened, if your name is short, it is lengthened, and so, I am often called Kimmie.

Many of my designs are inspired by Broome and the Kimberley. I love Boab Trees, hence many designs use this fabulous tree. I also love all the creatures you can find here, including at home, Dragonflies, Geckos, Green Frogs, Blue Tongue Lizards.

I often pass the time watching the geckos on my verandah chasing food. And of course, there are Snakes, Camels, Crocodiles, Whales and Barramundi and so many other things that make the Kimberley so magical. Last but not least, we have the spectacular Staircase to the Moon, a wonderful show put on for us during the full moon over Roebuck Bay.

You can find me at the Broome Courthouse Markets on Saturdays all year and Sundays from Easter until mid October.

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