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Broome, WA
• Experienced family lawyers (divorce, children and property)
• Most experienced and trusted law firms in Broome
• Remote tele and video appointment options available

The firm was started by Julia Barber in 2004 and is based in Broome, although many of the firm’s clients can be found throughout the Kimberley and Pilbara regions. We also have clients in other parts of Western Australia and Australia.

We pride ourselves on developing long-lasting relationships with clients and offering multifaceted representation. We are available to assist clients in virtually every legal matter – often clients that come to our firm for legal representation or advice for a particular issue come back for advice or representation on other very different legal issues.

Our approach is professional, but also friendly and approachable. We give honest, down to earth advice even when, at times, it is not necessarily what a client wants to hear. We believe in providing a cost-effective solution to problems if at all possible and aim to settle rather than litigate if this can be achieved.


We recognise that clients do not always need anything other than preliminary advice. We offer a short consultation for $175 up to 20 minutes and $250 for up to half an hour (inclusive of GST). Our experience tells us that during that period, clients can have a vast number of concerns and questions answered and may not need any further advice. Clients who need more time can schedule further appointments as needed.

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