Generators & Off-Grid Energy

Broome, WA
• Energy Design and Economic Modelling
• Off Grid Solar and System Financing
• Solar Water Pumping

We are Specialist Solar/Battery Engineers, Designers and Installers. We employ local staff and pride ourselves on our Engineering and Construction skills for Energy Solutions that meet the tough conditions here in the Kimberley and Pilbara.
Whatever application you have in mind for Solar we can Design and Specify, model the Economic return, deliver and maintain the System.
• We build Energy Solutions that can free you from the Grid or reduce your Energy Costs.
• We offer a range of Rental, Maintenance, Sales and Professional Services to the Kimberley.
• We have Generators and Solar Electrical Equipment in stock in Broome.
• Our Committed Team has over 35 years’ experience in the Energy Industry.
Services Offered
• Energy Audits
• Energy Design and Economic modelling
• Grid Connect Solar
• Off Grid Solar
• Solar Water Pumping
• Energy Safety Inspections and Reports
• Energy Supply
• System Financing
• Monitoring and Maintenance


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