Farm Life Fitness

Denmark, WA
• Live, online fitness classes Monday to Friday
• Online health and lifestyle coaching in real time
• Health and lifestyle on-farm retreats

Just because we choose to live and work rurally does not mean we should miss out on much-needed services that improve our health and wellness. But, unfortunately, it seems we do. Founded by Louise in 2017, Farm Life Fitness is passionate about enabling those who live and work rurally to create a healthy, sustainable, and realistic life as a family and as an individual.
We are so humbled to have met some amazing and resilient men, women, and children along our journey, and we hope that continues. We offer physical training online, but we are also there to advise on all things like time management, routines, and goals.

Everything we do is online, so the kids, logistics, time, work are all made a lot easier to manage when you work with us.
Our FLF Community was created about two years ago with the vision of empowering rural women to live a physically, mentally, and emotionally fulfilling life. We remove the barriers that stop them from doing so by running live, online workouts Monday-Friday morning.
However, we live a rural life. It can be busy and unpredictable. So, if 6:15 am is not convenient for you, the option of playing them back at a time that works is available.
We may be biased, but the FLF Community is made of truly remarkable women who live the same lifestyle as you. We support, connect, celebrate and validate together!

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