Elsa Mitchell

Perth, WA
• 12 month group coaching program; The Mentor Academy
• 6 Months 1:1 business mentoring
• Create an Action to Profit plan with me

I’ve created a collection of businesses: a high end building company, a hair salon, and this here business mentoring gig, and, yep, that is a real mixed bag.
The truth is, it doesn’t actually matter what kind of business you have, they all need the same basic foundation to grow successfully.

Sorry, no 4 hour work week. Apologies, no business hacks. Again, tricks won’t do the job.

What I do offer is the knowledge and mentoring so when you invest your time and resources wisely from the very beginning, you will soon arrive at Sweet Spot Lane. Right where you want to live. I give you the clarity you want, the community you need and the foundations you need in order to make the impact you want.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level but don't know how or what that even looks like, I got you.....

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