Cuffs & Collars

Walkaway, WA
• Customized Shirts for Work and Play
• Hand Sewn here in W.A.
• Ladies, Mens & Kids options available

Cuffs & Collars is where you go to find one-of-a-kind work shirts, scarfs, scrunchies and more.
It all started back in early 2020 while I was working on the family farm, east of Geraldton and was constantly rushing into town to pick up parts, attending appointments, or doing the weekly grocery shop. I had a pile of plain-Jane work shirts and on a whim one day, jazzed a few up with a bit of floral fabric. It wasn’t perfect but it was the start of a hobby that turned into a passion that has grown into a small business. I sew each and every shirt myself and adore when I see my shirts walking around at camp-drafts, rodeos or down the main street.
My shirts are perfect for any outing, can be fully customised to suit your style and taste and add some sass to your work/play lifestyle.
So please, look through and select a shirt off the rack or contact me to start customising your own. Pick your shirt brand, colour, size, button/sleeve preference and get creative with my vast selection of quality cotton fabric to complete. Or send me your current work shirts and I can work my magic on them for a more cost-effective alternative. The possibilities are endless!
Pip x

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