Broome Dental Clinic

Broome, WA
• Pain free general dentistry for the whole family
• State of the art modern clinic
• Caring team to support you through your journey

Broome Dental Clinic was established in Broome, Western Australia in 1985. To this day it continues to be well renowned for its great customer service and passion for oral health care. We specialise in pain free, general dentistry for the whole family, utilising the latest in dental techniques and equipment.

Our experienced team of dentists and support staff are all locals and part of the Broome Community. As such we know the challenges presented by living remotely. We offer the option of telehealth consults and more flexible booking options to our rural patients, understanding that a trip to the clinic is not as easy as a drive up the road.

We aim to provide you with a caring and gentle approach to dental treatment based on communication, empathy and trust. Our patients aren't just a number to us and to every new patient we just want to say: Welcome to the family!

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