Ask Valerie - Bookkeeping Support Service for DIY Bookkeepers

Edens Landing, QLD
• Qualified, certified bookkeeper and Registered BAS Agent
• Servicing clients remotely via software, Zoom and emails
• You only need internet and a smart phone

Ask Valerie is a full bookkeeping service ranging from support for DIY Bookkeepers to business owners who prefer to outsource the entire function. Ranging across many industries, the Ask Valerie subscription service supports entrepreneurs who like to do their own books, but don't quite understand how to get it to work. Cash-flow friendly packages start from $20/week through to fixed price full bookkeeping packages negotiated to provide the right service the client needs.
Understanding the issues that comeup all the time in business - particularly in solo entrepreneur businesses - helps me to support clients to make their books simple and free up their time. Monthly processing and quarterly BAS lodgement is part of the service if needed. I help you do your books, or I do them for you.

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