Anna Hastie

Broome, WA
Business Mindset Coaching for Women in Business
• 1:1 private coaching
• Free 45mins Business Mindset Assessment

Online and in person Sound Bath Healings

I'm Anna and I specialise in Business Mindset Coaching and Sound Healing.

By blending the spiritual with business, I empower women through inner development and mindset work to build the 6 figure business of their dreams.

From running a successful natural therapy practice to now coaching women in business and holding sound bath classes, I have seen the value and necessity of creating and continuously working on a strong mindset.

While coaching sessions are tailored to your business needs and goals, the core of the sessions follows my Alchemy Mindset Transformation Method of Energy, Mindset and Embodiment.

I also hold deeply transformative and relaxing sound baths, either in person (in Broome) or online.

In these classes, I weave Reiki energy and guided meditations along with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Ocean Wave Drum and the Koshi Chimes.

Follow me for more mindset and sound baths on my Podcast - Alchemy Mindset with Anna Hastie.

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